It is astonishing that the national planners so far have failed to give the largest city of Pakistan even the basic necessities of life, water and electricity. There could hardly be a worse example of bad governance. The tragic deaths of over 1000 people in Karachi due to heatstroke in a couple days demand that the leadership of all political parties should sit together and devise a policy how to solve the basic water and power issues of the metropolis. This is not just the demand of Karachiites but the demand of whole Pakistanis that give Karachi water and power.

These thoughts were shared by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan amir Sirajul Haq addressing at an Iftar reception hosted for Karachiites at Idara Noor e Haq here Saturday. He said Karachiites have been braving immense problem. Due to prolonged drought coupled with recent wave of blistering heat has resulted in deaths of so many people, while thousands other have been admitted in hospitals. He said whole Pakistani nation is worried about the sad situation.

The JI leader said Ramzan is the month of love, sympathy and compassion. It gives us the lesson to take care of weaker and vulnerable sections of our society. He said tragedies and hardships are the part and parcel of life, but it is saddening that we do not see the government sharing the sorrows of people. He said a government is like father and mother for its citizens and like loving parents it take care of its children when they are in trouble, but sadly we do not see this kind of government anywhere.

He said the present challenge in Karachi demands that we should for a moment forget our politics and think about our people. He said there is a dire need to differentiate between the wrong and right. He said it is amongst the basic teachings of Islam to support the people who are right. He said Islam wants to give justice to society. He said sadly in our society there is no justice. He said a handful of privileged people of corrupt elite class possess over ninety-five resources of Pakistan. He said these people rule politics, democracy and assemblies. These people are at the helm of affairs be it a democratic government or dictatorial rule in Pakistan. It is need of hour that the poor masses should learn a lesson from the unwavering unity of this elite class and become united for their basic rights.

Sirajul Haq said the Islamic world is facing huge challenges. Previous day there was a bomb blast in a mosque of Kuwait. Earlier two such incidents were reported from Saudi Arabia. He said the global imperialism wants to spread lawlessness and chaos in Muslim societies. He said the global imperialism does not even want democracy in Muslim counties. He said the democratically elected governments have been toppled from Algeria to Egypt. He said dictatorships in Muslim countries suit the global imperialism as dictators immediately bow before its orders. He said constitutions, assemblies and democracy are hindrances in way of the evil designs of the global imperialism in Muslim world. He said this is why that Jamaat e Islami is a staunch supporter of democracy in Pakistan, because democracy gives the country political stability and socioeconomic progress.

He said we want rule of law and constitution. He said the rule of law should not be selective. He said during the ongoing Karachi operation it has been observed that it creates a lot of trouble when influential criminals are arrested. He said a criminal should be treated as a criminal irrespective of its political and social status and influence. He said for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan it needs a peaceful and prosperous Karachi, but sadly the rulers have kept Karachi a lawless society for last 20 years. He said after the recent report of BBC about MQM it is the responsibility of the government of Pakistan to initiate a deep probe into this serious matter. He said all Pakistanis know that Karachi is not a free city; its institutions, its journalists and its legal system it not free. If a journalist dares to write truth next day his dead body is found. He said it is the responsibility of all political parties to help in freeing Karachi.

Sirajul Haq said during last few days people have even faced problems to get their ailing family members admitted in hospitals because all hospitals are capacity filled. He said God forbid if the city faces a major catastrophe in future we have even no required space in our hospitals. He said sadly we do not see a thing named Sindh government is whole province of Sindh. He said we should join our hands to fight for the rights of our people, adding we should also not forget our self-accountability. He, however, said we should not allow anyone to topple the corrupt rulers. He said that let these corrupt elements should complete their full tenure and they should not be given an opportunity to become what he called political martyrs. He said their corruption and inability is exposing them properly and the people as voters are the best judge to decide the fate of these corrupt elite.

He regretted that the government has not yet announced compensation for the heatstroke victims and life pensions for minor children of the poor families who lost their breadwinners in the ongoing heatstroke spell.

He demanded giving Karachi its required water and power. He said the agreement with the KE is still secret. He said the political leadership should be told about this dubious agreement, so that they could annul it and make a fresh agreement safeguarding the rights of Karachiites.

He announced to hold a conference of experts and technocrats in a couple of weeks to draft a comprehensive policy on the civic issues of Karachi.