Karachi ambulanceMedical experts on Saturday said Karachi city urgently needs 5,000 more state-of-the-art ambulances to cater the needs of 2.5million plus population of city and assist people from emergency-like situation in future.

Pakistan Medical Association (Center) Secretary General Dr Mirza Ali Azhar while talking PPI said Sindh government must up-grade ambulance services across the Sindh province, especially in Karachi on international standard to provide quality first-aid facilities to patients while shifting them to healthcare center.

He said PMA is ready to train medical staff and ambulance volunteers of both government and private ambulance services on the basics of first-aid treatment. He said public sector hospitals’ ambulances services should be equipped with latest facilities and their staff should be trained on modern lines to save precious lives.

When contacted, Senior PMA leader Dr SM Qaiser Sajjad said the deteriorated condition of government hospitals’ ambulances has showed how much provincial health department officials are sincere in provision of healthcare facilities to general public. He said every teaching hospital of Karachi must be given at least 50 ambulances equipped with latest facilities.

He said at least 1100 people have been died during current heat-wave, while thousands others are under treatment in public sector hospitals. He regretted the government but sector ambulance service has failed to play a proper role in this emergency situation. He said careful planning and clear vision is needed to avert such emergencies and disasters in future.

He said Karachi urgently needed 5,000 more state-of-the-art ambulance services to cater the needs of 2.5million plus population as well as to assist people during emergency situations in future. He said misuse to government ambulances should be stopped on immediate basis and health department authorities must maintain proper check and balance on it.

Renowned social worker Faisal Edhi said currently 700 to 800 ambulances are available for whole population of Karachi and there is urgent need of inducting more ambulances to cope to any untoward situation in future.