The Central leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdum Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Ch. Muhammad Sarwar (former Governor of Punjab) have stressed the need of immediate de-politicization of police for ensuring the rule of law and protection of the people, besides, averting the Daska like ghastly tragedy lawyers’ brutal killings by police in future.

They stated this while addressing the participants of a condolence reference held at Daska Bar Association under the auspices of the Insaf Lawyers Forum (ILF) Daska, here today. Acting President of Daska Bar Association Nabi Ahmed Bajwa, acting President of Insaf Lawyers Forum (ILF) Daska Latif Ghani, general secretary Tahir Rauf and Rana Muhammad Adeel were also present on this occasion.

While delivering their speeches, both of the PTI bigwigs said that the Punjab government has miserably failed to promote ‘good policing’ in the province.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that it was sorry to say that the rulers had politicized the police, which was meant for protection of the people, for the personal political gains and the rule did this nasty practice of politicizing the police for their personal gains. He said that due to the politicization of police, now everyone was seemed to be worried in the society.

He said the early de-politicization of police was the need and demand of the day to ensure the rule of law in the country and to promote the true democracy in good sense.

He strongly condemned the brutal assassination of the Daska based two senior lawyers by the local accused inspector SHO Shehzad Warraich , saying that these brutal killings had made him very sad as the slain lawyers were also the companions of his long march for the restoration of supreme judiciary of Pakistan in Musharraf regime.

Both PTI stalwarts Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Ch. Muhammad Sarwar expressed solidarity with the grieved families of the both Daska based slain lawyers and they strongly condemned their brutal assassination by Daska police.

They said that the people were still terrified by the police here, as they had been remaining at the mercy of the police in getting justice. They added that the Sharif Brothers had been there in power for the last 30 years but they have miserably failed in protecting the people, their lives and properties.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Ch. Muhammad Sarwar assured PTI’s full cooperation to the Daska lawyers for the provision of the complete justice to the grieved families of these slain lawyers and taking the case of Daska lawyers’ murder case to its logical end.

Later, talking to the newsmen at Daska, PTI Senior Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi claimed that the government was rapidly losing its writ in Punjab, besides, having no control on the police. He said that now the time was ripe to depoliticize the police and also to tame it as well. Police should be tamed at every cost to secure the lives of the people.

He added that there was no rule of law and supremacy of the constitution in Pakistan.

Qureshi added that the names of the incumbent rulers should be included in the Genes Book of World Records for making the several records of lawlessness, unemployment, sky-rocketing price hike and remaining failed in poverty alleviation in the country.