Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has rejected the Sindh budget, terming it discriminatory against urban areas of Sindh and announced a one-day strike on today (Sunday) to record its resentment against the provincial budget.

MQM Rabita Committee here on Saturday gave the call for shutter-down strike o against “anti-Sindh budget” of the PPPP government of Sindh.

Rabita Committee announced to observe a shutter-down strike against what it called a discriminatory, hateful and anti-Sindh budget. It appealed traders, industrialists, shopkeepers and transporters to support the strike call.

It said the PPPP government has demonstrated its ethnic, discriminatory and chauvinist approach against urban parts of the Sindh in the budget. MQM will never accept this budget and raise its voice at every forum, it added.