Sindh Madressatul Islam University’s (SMIU) Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh and heads of seven most important universities and colleges of Hainan province of China signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) on Saturday, during the visit of Chinese delegation to the SMIU.

According to the MoUs, Hainan University, PR China will extend its cooperation to SMIU in educational and scientific fields, The cooperation will be extended by Hainan Normal University in communication and cooperative relations, Qiongzhou University in the field of academic, educational, scientific, technological and students exchange cooperation, Hainan College of Economics and Business in academic, educational, scientific, academic, educational, scientific, technological and students exchange cooperation, and Qiongtai Teachers College in academic, educational, scientific, technological and students exchange cooperation.

SMIU’s VC Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh while addressing the delegation of China’s universities and colleges at the Seminar Hall of SMIU said Pakistan and China had close and friendly relationships and these agreements further strengthen the ties of brotherhood and cooperation among these two nations and countries.

He said that people of Pakistan had great respect for people of China and wants to work closely with them. Dr Shaikh suggested that the SMIU and the universities of Hainan province may jointly organize an International Educational Conference in Sindh in the month of November and December. This idea was supported by Chinese delegation and said that it will be a good opportunity for them to explore ways and means for cooperation in the field of education in the Asia.

Liao Qinglin, DDG, Education Department of Hainan, said China and Pakistan have very close relationship spread over last more than 60 years. These two nations are good brothers and good neighbours. “The main objective of their visit to SMIU was to enhance friendship and cooperation between each other in education and other related fields,” he said and stressed that deep cooperation is needed between the universities of China and Pakistan.

He hoped that the two countries benefit from the MoUs, singed between various educational institutions of Hainan and Sindh Madressatul Islam University.

On the occasion, a documentary about history, life, resources, education, tourism and other related matters of Hainan province, was screened by the Chinese delegation. It followed question-answer session.

Earlier, the members of the delegation visited the Jinnah Museum, TV and FM Radio Studio and other sections of the university and praised the historic role of SMIU played in education since the last 130 years.