Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has said that economic development of the province would not ameliorate standard of life of common Balochistani but would be also promote peace and prosperity in the country. We want to come at par with other provinces through progress and prosperity and thus Balochistan should have equal importance in country’s policies.

Balochistan CM Dr Abdul Malik Baloch - FILE
Balochistan CM Dr Abdul Malik Baloch – FILE
He expressed this while addressing expansion project of Byco Oil Refinery here in Balochistan.

Chief Minister while terming visits of Prime Minister to Balochistan said that these reflect his love to Balochistan and these provide us guidance in development process in the province and strength and important at the national level.

He said Prime Minister besides guiding us in the process of development in the province should also provide assistance and keep vigil on our performance so that it is further improved. He said he thanks prime Minister for taking personal interest in the development of Balochistan and for his untiring work and he was sure developed Balochistan would further stabilize Pakistan.

He said we are engaged in improving law and order, furthering development process with speed, best use of resources of the province and promotion f investment but cooperation of Centre ad private sector is utmost necessary to make them fruitful. He said government of Balochistan was following policy of encouraging investment in private sector. We have enforced business friendly policies so that private sector makes progress in the province.

He said Balochistan is rich in natural resources and has immense opportunities for investment and development in various fields. To exploit these resources and putting people of Balochistan on true development and prosperity, private sector can play important role. He invited private sector to expand its activities in Balochistan we would support it possibly and ensure development of their business which would result in social and economic development of our province. He said all efforts of our government are for people of Balochistan. He said investors would be provided best business atmosphere, facilities and security and they should not have any reservations in this regard.

Referring to industries setup in District Lasbella he said Byco has increased its capacity and served the country because this investment wo9uld lessen dependence of imports of petroleum products, creating job opportunities for new generation and improving basic infrastructure in the area.

He said other private sector companies working in various parts of the province should also pay attention in the respective areas on development of social sector which would increase confidence of local populace.

Expressing good wishes for Byco Company Dr Malik Baloch said that it would continue to play its role in the overall progress and prosperity of the country.