Axact-ShoaibShaikh-fakedegrees-ViqasAtiq_handcuffed-arrestedFederal Investigation Agency (FIA) is currently investigating Axact’s fake degree scandal and the director general of FIA revealed that Shoaib Sheikh, CEO of Axact, was working with at least four more companies beside Axact.

Axaxt an IT company which operated from Karachi Pakistan claimed to be one of the leading IT companies in the world but was exposed as one of the leading fake degree centers of the world. Axact scammed thousands of individuals and looted millions of hard earner money from ordinary citizens all over the world.

DG FIA Akbar Hoti restrained from giving the names of the four companies to the media that were working with Shoaib Sheikh in running this operation but told media that the wrongdoing of Axact has brought a bad name for Pakistan and its IT industry.

Shoaib Sheikh along with eight other top officials from Axact are currently under judicial custody on physical remand until June 13.