The Women Development Department’s Director, Shah Muhammad Shah, said on Friday that it is a social crime to marry an underage girl as Sindh Assembly had passed a law against it.

“Any person can lodge a report at the relevant police station against this evil,” he said while addressing a training program held at Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Library here. Shah said that under this law Nikah Moulvi and others who helped in the marriage will also be taken to task.He said: “Marriage under 18 years has become a crime for which raising awareness is must.”

Deputy Director Musarrat Jabeen said that Sindh had become the first province to introduce this law and added that 18-year age has also been fixed for casting vote and getting driving license and domicile. She asked what is the crime in making law against underage weddings. She said that due to low literacy rate in Sindh, these marriages are taking place by which crime is rising along with other social evils but if we abandon it, many other crimes will also reduce.

She said that 18-year age is fixed all over the world for marriages and Pakistan will have to act according to United Nations law. Deputy Director, Women Development, Larkana, Shama Perveen, Fazal Muhammad Bhatti, social worker Attaullah Abro and others spoke on the occasion.