Federal Information and Broadcasting Minster Pervez Rashid on Friday said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan is misleading the nation through media.

While responding to the PTI Chairman’s press talk, the minister said that Imran Khan has not provided single admissible evidence in the judicial commission and has failed to prove the allegations of rigging by PML-N government.

“Khan’s counsel did not ask a single question to Najam Sethi about 35 punctures,” he said.

Criticizing KP’s govt, Rashid said that Imran Khan has failed to organize local body election in KPK and the KP government in the province has failed to deliver its promise.

“Imran Khan has nothing truthful to tell. He contests his case on media instead of proving his claims in courts,” the minister said.

While answering Imran Khan’s allegations, he said more than 44% Form 15 were missing from the polling stations were PTI has won. “Imran Khan’s behavior is like a stubborn boy who apologizes after ear twisting by the mother,” he added.