Traffic wardens have fined nearly 3,275 motorcyclists in Karachi for not wearing helmets while riding the motorbikes.

To avoid head injuries during accidents, metropolitan police have enforced the law of wearing helmets mandatory during riding the motorbikes. In this regard, Karachi traffic police have started arresting the violators of this new law. The law was applicable for both male and female riders but the restriction for women to wear helmets was lifted on the first day.

To facilitate the people, we have lifted the restriction for the female riders and the males riding on the back of the motorcycle are also waived off from this law, as said by Inspector General (IG) Sindh police.

People have various opinions on the new law as many citizens claimed that such law should not be passed in the first place as it will waste people’s time and resources.

After the imposition of the law, locals are annoyed as the demand of the helmets are increased which raised the prices of the helmets