Sarfraz BugtiBalochistan home minister Sarfraz Bugti has said that many foreign intelligence agencies such as India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is behind the recent attacks in Pakistan. In a press conference here in Capital City Police Office in Quetta, he said that these agencies have become more active after the historic Pak-China economic corridor agreement.

Indian Prime Minster has openly supported terrorism in his recent media briefings. Three terrorists have also been arrested which were involved in target killing and attacks on airbase, said Sarfraz Bugti.

Bugti also said that police has conducted a wide operation in different part of the province and has apprehended three terrorists. He also added that Baluchistan has been under the radar of many terrorist organizations and many attacks have been planned against the province.

Ubaida Pathan aka Ali Gul was arrested recently and was wanted for more than eight target killings cases and had a bounty of 1 million. The bounty was offered by the government on his arrest. The other caught terrorist named Rehman Wali was involved in the attacks on different airbases such as Khalid Airbase and PAF airbase. Rehman Wali belongs to Waziristan. The third terrorist Zafarullah was also wanted in more than 4 target killing cases.

The three arrested terrorists were presented in front of media today. The law enforcement authorities have also seized weapons from the possession of the terrorists. In the response of Bacha Khan Chowk incident, the government has arrested two policemen and suspended Station House officer and Deputy Superintendent of Police for negligence that lead to the incident.