sanullah-dubs-imran-as-hitler-khanRana Sanaullah who has been restored as Punjab’s law minister after being cleared from all the allegations in the JIT has expressed his concerns over the massive rigging and innocent killings during local body elections in KPK.

Commenting over the killing of political workers in elections he terms Imran Khan as “the Hitler Khan of his age” and demanded that the cases of these innoncent people’s murder should be filed against Imran Khan and CM Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Parvez Khattak.

Accroding to official reports, more than twenty three people died during the elections in KPK.

“Khan led PTI, the party in power in the province, is responsible for the deaths of 23 people. Khan, if he is really a leader, should have the murder cases filed against himself and the Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak,” said he.

He also stated the Imran Khan was behind the arrest of the ANP leader Mian Iftikhar this past week.

“It was Khan who pushed the KPK government to lodge a police case against the ANP leader,” he added.