There are many growing companies in the country that specialize in mobile applications and games. These emerging markets have a lot of potential in the long run. They are contributing towards the export revenue and have also opened different doors towards new industries.

People of all ages like to play arcade and adventure games on different platforms like iOS and andriod devices. Pakistan is one of the leading markets in the use of these software and games. The total population of Pakistan comprises of mostly teenagers which ranges between 16-25 years. There are many gaming studios in the country and there has been a huge increase in their number day by day. The game that has trended locally is Run Sheeda Run. Amother game named Dubai Offroad is grossing nowadays.

The game is developed by Offroad Studios and has simple and interesting moves. The player will have to avoid the obstacles with the tap of a single button. In the game you will find sandstorms and different tracks. The game has splendid response from different countries of the Middle East as well we South East Asia.

There has been a huge increase in the IT industry of the county. Different steps are also taken by the government to ensure that there has been a huge increase in this industry. The government has made this industry tax-free. Apart from the IT industry; the freelancing industry has also made a huge impact.