A 25-year-old Indian girl ran away from her Pakistani husband’s home in Faisalabad stating domestic violence as the main reason. Qaiser Bilal and Zahra Mariam got married after falling in love on the social media website Facebook.

In India, Zahra was working as a school teacher. The couple first met at Wagha Border and got married after the approval of both families. They got married in Pakistan when Zahra’s family visited Pakistan and just after three months, all the gold and money was taken from the newly married girl and she was tortured too by Qaiser and his family.

After torturing Zahra, Qaiser’s Family locked her in a room, as indicated by some sources. Luckily Zahra called for rescue and police freed her and transferred her to Sahinwala police station. On Wednesday, Zahra was presented in front of the Civil Judge. Civil court ordered the police to conduct her medical tests and present her to the Special Judicial Magistrate. Zahra was sent to Darul Aman on the order of Special Judicial Magistrate.