Nasir Khan’s romantic comedy “Bachaana” is set to be released across Pakistani and Indian silver screens very soon. The movie will take viewers on a roller coaster ride and it has all elements of romance, thrill and comedy.

Being captured across the beautiful beaches and scenic landscape of Mauritius, this movie is surely going to deliver an astounding cinematic entertainment. Bachaana will be first feature length film from the “Made in Pakistan” fame director Nasir Khan. Another speciality of this film is the cross-border relations it depicts both on & off the screen as it has cast and crew from both sides of the border. The story line of the film will offer a new perspective on the Indo-Pak relationship.


The central idea to the script, screenplay to dialogues, direction to casting, and pretty much everything about the movie will make it an instant hit.

Male lead role in the film will be played by the Award winning Pakistani actor Mohib Mirza while the lead female will be portrayed by model and actress Sanam Saeed. Mohib will be seen in a unique and new avatar as “Vicky.” Sanam will be acting as an Indian girl “Aalia” in the film. Bachaana narrates the tale of Vicky, a Pakistani cab driver in Mauritius who will fall in love after crossing paths with Aalia, an Indian girl. The story of their romantic adventures that follow will be the storyline of the film.

Rizwan Saeed, the producer of this film is among the few internationally acclaimed producers.

This film has been shot with the state of the art shooting equipment.