Shoaib_Sheikh_Axact-chiefAn ambitious Bill Gates-to-be, CEO AXACT Shoaib Sheikh, was born in Faisalbad and a well-known institute in Karachi, Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is the place where he has completed his higher education.

The foundation of Axact

Axact, is an IT Company whose foundation was laid by Shoaib Sheikh in 1997.

Shoaib Sheikh, an ambitious entrepreneur founded the company whose earnings increases to millions of dollars annually but the person who control this empire only earns 450020 rupees annually which makes 37000 PKR monthly. It shows a really low wage for the work.

It is appropriates to cite here that Mr. Shoaib Sheikh has only paid tax of PKR 26 last year, which is less tha any employee currently working in Axact.

An empire built from within a room

It is deeply involved in the fake degree scandal that Shoaib Sheikh has once said in his speech that he wants to become as rich as Bill Gates.

Maybe he has set his targets too high on Bill Gate’s assets that he neglects the fact that the founder of Microsoft also pays approximately 4.5 billion dollars per annum.

He initiated his company from a single room and his empire spreads out internationally according to the claims on websites and in Axact’s promotional events. Why this entrepreneur makes less than an average government employee is a matter that requires immediate attention.

Only 1 share is owned by the CEO and Chairman BOL from the total of 600,000 shares, as according to some sources.

CEO Axact, Mr. Shoaib Sheikh, in the words of a Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio, you had my curiosity but know you have my attention.

The other facts:

– According to the Federal Board of Revenue, Bashire Ahmed Sheikh with an NTN number of 4-2123894 is the father of Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh, CEO Axact.

– He is a registered voter of NA-252 Karachi with block code 412330305 and series number 96.

– According to the record of Election Commission, Mr. Shoaib Sheikh is registered in Gul Rana Colony, district Sharki but Shoaib Sheikh has registered his address in FBR as Jami Commercial Street DHA Phase 7, Karachi.