The selection criterion of the Islamabad Cricket Association (ICA) mainly depends upon favouritism when choosing the future players. This attitude of the ICA is spoiling the national cricket and a large number of Cricket Club heads in Islamabad pointed this out to PCB when recent trials were conducted.

Removal of the corrupt elements is requested by the officials of the Cricket Clubs to the Pakistan cricket Board (PCB) so that justice can be delivered to the deserving and skilled players.

Another allegation by the Cricket Clubs on the ICA is that they only prefer to select their own club players ignoring the competent ones. The deserving players miss their chance of selection in the national team.

Heads of the North and Central Zones are only choosing their favourite players and putting back the talented ones.

Pakistan has recently conducted the trials of the West Zone, stated by the Cricket Clubs.

The recent selection of players from different clubs conducted by Ali Zia Cricket Board (PCB) Coach was highly appreciated but after sometime it was changed. “List was maneuvered and out of 16 boys selected surprisingly 9 were from Punjab club.”Captain of Punjab club is head coach and selector of West Zone side,” they said.