B8YMdjuCMAES6VELiving legends of various games hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be honored with a memento from the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affair Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Liaison Corporation here at a two Culture and Heritage Festival to be commencing from Saturday.

This was stated by Adviser to the Chief Minister on Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs Amjad Khan Afridi while talking to the media men on Friday. There will be more for the children and families? with puppet faces boys experts and puppet show, joy land for children including different fun games, skipping, culture show, traditional dances, prominent cuisine of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and musical night including Ghazal Night show, he added.

The entries will be free for the families, he said. He said buying activities at various stalls, especially of antique, gems and stones, Chitrali handicraft jewellery, Kohistani embroidery, pakol, karkol, kaddar, and shawls, and some buying stuffs would also be setup for the women to shop.

A flowers’ stall depicting the map of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Peshawar would also be setup next to the corridor, a symbolic welcome that certainly draw the attention of the visitors only to depict the true image of Peshawar, once known as the city of flowers.

The festival is an attempt to pull the traumatized people out of grief after the Peshawar carnage, he said. A lot of fun and entertainment with colours of art, traditions and culture of Pakhtuns, greatly fascinated the local and foreign visitors, Mr. Amjad said.

People can also tasted the traditional foods, like dam pukh, Afghan cuisine, Chitrali cuisine, ‘saag and makai roti’, chapal kabab, Painda, sohbat, sajji, barbeque, Nowshera fish, seekh kabab, Patta Tikka, Hazara Pakorra, Charsadda ghatay rojai, sweets and fruit, he informed.

Chefs could be seen preparing exotic meat dishes such as chapli kebabs, sajji, seekh kebabs, fish and dam pukh. saag, makai roti and rice of Charsadda will also being cooked to cater to different taste buds. The savoury dishes complimented with sweets of Rajar, Charsadda and Mardan would certainly attract the families.

The cultural dances performers of Kalash, Mehsud, Chitrali, Khattak and Afghan troupes will be part of the overall festival, followed by Ghazal Night in which prominent local and specially invited known artists would perform, he said.

The festival is aimed at to promote soft image of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa besides informing the younger generation about the rich tradition and culture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to provide a recreational activities as well.

They said the step would be helpful in keeping alive dying traditions, art and cultures of Pakhtuns, besides to pull them out of the shock after the brazen Peshawar terrorism incident.

While the east wing of Gor Gathri, a historically rich and diverse site, has almost decayed, the tourism and archaeological department plans to utilize the undamaged parts of the complex in a bid to revive Pukhtun heritage.

Gor Gathri houses many important cultural structures including the 17th century Guru Goraknath temple, a mosque, and a historical firehouse, circa 1912, which is now in a state of ruins.

The artisans, he said, would be given an area to set up stalls to display their craft in a bid to create awareness about Pakhtuns heritage amongst people. He said Gor Ghatri is a space for long-term use to hold exhibitions and sell local art. The revenue generated would be spent on Gor Gathri, he said.