The product which leads towards death, cigarette, is being sold on the cheapest rate in Pakistan throughout the world and government generates Rs70bn revenue annually by collecting sales tax on cigarettes.

cheap-cigarettes-pakistanThis was stated by Professor, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicines, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi Dr. Javaid Ahmed Khan while addressing a seminar on ”Hazards Of Tobacco” at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University here Tuesday.

He said smoking kills six million peoples worldwide and 0.1million people in Pakistan every year due to lungs cancer, heart attacks and other dieses. He said the youngsters who first start smoking, later on they start use of narcotics and finally alcohol, such type of peoples end their life up to the age of 45.

He said in developed countries 70 per cent peoples die due to smoking habit out of which 90 per cent deaths are reported by lungs cancer, 25 per cent heart attack and 25 per cent by stroke.

According to a study in our country out of 1000 patients of chest dieses, 90 per cent were habitual smokers.

Dr. Javaid told that according to State Bank of Pakistan report of 2011 the volume of the sale of cigarettes in Pakistan was Rs. 200 billion while millions of rupees are spent on pan chewing which spread mouth cancer dieses.

He also expressed his concern over growing trend of shisha smoking among new generation which his more harmless then cigarettes.

He asked the government to impose complete ban on smoking at public places, heavy increase in cigarette prices, ban on any kind of cigarette advertising campaign, to launch public education programs regarding hazards of tobacco and to establish clinics for quit smoking.