Beijing, Eight terrorists in Xinjiang province in China have reportedly been executed after the Supreme People”s Court sentenced them to death for involvement in a number of terror activities. The publicity department of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region made the statement on Saturday. The terrorists were convicted of involvement in the 2013 terror attack in Tian”anmen Square, snatching guns and assaulting police in Aksu, murder and manufacturing explosives in Kashgar, establishing a terrorist organization, murdering a government official and burning checkpoints in Hotan, the China Daily reported. They list included, Huseyin Guxur, Yusup Wherniyas, Yusup Ehmet, Rozi Eziz, Abdusalam Elim, Memet Tohtiyusup, Abdumomin Imin and Bilal Berdi. A video showed them burning the flags of several countries including, China, the United States, the UK, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.