Chairman PTI Imran Khan has announced the temporary organizational structure of his party today. He also added that the new party elections are going to be improved as per the report of Justice (retd) Wajihuddin.

Imran Khan said that this setup is short-term and soon improved election are going to be held for selecting party officials. He has made Dr. Arif Alvi organizer for Sindh while Ch. Sarwar has been named the organizer of Punjab.

Khan also said that if there was no judicial commission, these facts would not have come to the surface.

He removed all of the existing party officials, and announced an interim structure for the party. Khan said that the there were irregularities in the last party elections.

He also said that the likelihood of general elections taking place before their party elections is exceptionally high.

Imran Khan was addressing media officials following a party meeting in Islamabad. He announced appointment of Ch. Sarwar as Punjab’s, Dr. Arif Alvi as the organizer of Sindh and Azhar farooq as the party organizer for the capital.

Tasnim Noorani has been reached out by Imran Khan for laying out a timeframe for the party elections.
Khan said that the political scenario of Pakistan is reminiscent of musical chairs, where the setup is revolving around the politics on the basis of religion, Baloch or Pashtun.

He said that the people, who were claiming to recover looted money from the former President Zardari, are now standing next to him.